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Handicaps and Extra Turns 

All the preliminary rounds consist of one 13-point game and we use handicaps so that players of different abilities can compete with a more equal chance of success. This is achieved by giving players with higher handicap figures one or more extra turns. These extra turns can be taken any time during the game at the end of your turn, and with the same ball. They may be played in succession if you have more than one. However an extra turn cannot be used to run a hoop and score a point. Make sure your opponents know you are taking an extra turn - otherwise they might play their next ball. Lastly, if you do have extra turns don't forget to use them! 

The number of extra turns which may be given to players is calculated from the handicaps of the players in the particular game.

In Singles take the difference between the handicaps of the two players. This gives the number of extra turns given to the player with the highest handicap figure.

In Doubles (Revised Rules) take the difference in handicap between the player with the lowest handicap of the four and the player with the highest handicap on the other side, then take the difference in handicaps of the other two players. The number of extra turns is given by halving the difference in each case and rounding up fractions to the nearest whole number. Extra turns are given to a player, not a side.

Example. A(4) & B(9) play C(10) & D(6), the handicaps are shown in brackets. A has the lowest handicap of the four and C has the highest handicap of the other side. The difference is 6 and halving gives 3 so C has 3 extra turns. This leaves B and D and the difference is 3. Halving gives 1.5 which is rounded up to 2 so B has two extra turns. Note. If C and D have the same handicaps they should decide who will receive the extra turns and inform the opposition before the game starts.

Only one player in a side can round up half an extra turn. If both have half an extra turn one of them must round down – the two players decide who before the game starts.

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