Hassocks Croquet Club

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Hassocks Croquet Club Honours Board

Winners and Runners Up of Internal Club Tournaments


Season        Winner                        Runner Up

2013             John Pritchard             Charles Corker

2014             John Pritchard             Peggy Elsey

2015             Richard Baker             Barbara Corker

2016             John Pritchard             Barbara Corker

2017             Richard Baker             John Pritchard


Season        Winners                                               Runners Up

2013            Alec Marrison & Jill Brockway             Ann Marrison & Barbara Corker

2014            Clive Slater & Frances Gilbert            Geoff Elsey & Peggy Elsey

2015            Richard Baker & Jill Brockway            Charles Corker & Sandra Hewlitt

2016            Richard Baker & Jeanette Grant         Frances Gilbert & Sandra Hewlitt

2017            Ann Marrison & Brian Godman           Gill Godman & Alec Marrison 

Chairmen ( 1987 to 2007)

Season        Chairman

1987/1992    Hal Wallis (Founder of the Club in 1984)

1993/2000    Philip Petherbridge

2001/2007    Jeff Devereux

Officers of the Club (from 2008)

Season         Chairman                                           Secretary                                    Treasurer   

2008/2010    Richard Baker                                    Richard Baker                             Jeff Devereux

2011             Richard Baker                                    Charles Corker                            Jeff Devereux

2012/2013    Geoff Elsey                                        Charles Corker                            Jeff Devereux  

2014/2015    Charles Corker                                  Shirley Tomlinson                        Tony Chaitow

2016             Charles Corker                                  Jeanette Grant                             Tony Chaitow

2017/2018    Tony Bright                                        Jeanette Grant                             Tony Chaitow